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unlimited = Unlimited

Choose From 4 Different Plans

  • ? Each plan comes with its own self-managed artist page. Self-Managed Page 2
  • ? The number of images of your work allowed for display on your personal artist page. # of Images
  • ? Direct link to artist page from homepage. Homepage Exposure
  • ? Available to be a featured artist in the website's top header section Featured Artist 3
  • ? Paypal "Buy Now" buttons linked to your Paypal account. Paypal Activated 4
  • ? Secure email form available so patrons may contact you. Email Contact
  • ? Active Link to your personal website, if you have one.Website Link
  • ? Maintain your own personal events calendarEvents Calendar 5
  • ? Link to the major social media sitesSocial Media Links
  • ? Save $$ by paying for your subscription in one annual payment.Annual Payment 6
  • ? Arkansas Artists who verify they are 60 years of age or older get huge discount.60+ Discount 7
  • ? Added layer of transaction protection. SSL Secure Website 8


Free AR Residents Only 1

  • 6


$ 5.00 per month

  • 10
  • (5)


$ 8.00 per month

  • 16
  • 3


$ 10.50 per month

  • 24

Registration Video Help

Before you Register, I would advise viewing the Registration Walkthrough. It will show you what and how to properly complete the registration form.

  • 1 Additional Information footnoted below

 1 The Basic Free Plan is available only to residents of Arkansas. This means that residents of Arkansas have all four (4) plans available to them. If you live outside of Arkansas and wish to register, you may choose either the Starter, Classic or Premium Plan.

 2. Each artist is responsible for the maintaining of their own artist page. They will have 24/7 access through a secure artist login panel. After securely logging in, you will be able to upload and delete images, update your artist information and artist statement. Support is provided free of charge in the event you should have any problems doing so.

 3. Both Classic and Premium Artists will be shown as Featured Artist in the top head section of most publicly accessible pages. Each Featured Artist will be shown for a period of one week, on a rotating basis. This rotation will be done alphabetically by last name.

 4. Only the Classic and Premium plans have Paypal fully activated artist pages. For Classic and Premium subscribers, this means you will be able to have a Paypal "Buy Now" button associated with each piece of work that you wish to sell from your page. There are no fees paid to this website for any transaction, only Paypal fees will apply. In your artist account form, you will be able to control which works to sell and which ones not to sell.

The Starter Plan is restricted to having only 5 Paypal activate buttons. You get to choose which 5 of your 10 works to sell.

 5  Both Classic and Premium Plans will be able to post their own personal Events Calendar. The Classic will be limited to three(3) events, while the Premium Plan is unlimited. The Personal Events Calendar will be accessible on the artist's own page and is a separate calendar from the site's main Event Calendar.

 6 Save $21 with the Classic Plan by making one annual payment of $75. Save $26 with the Premium Plan by making one annual payment of $100.

 7 Arkansas Artists who verify with the site administrator that they are 60 or older, can take a 50% discount on the Classic or the Premium Plans when paid annually. Verification is done by emailed photocopy of government issued id, e.g., a drivers license.

 8 SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL creates a secure connection between your browser and the server, thus enhancing data privacy. SSL improves visitor trust in the website, guards against email phishing attacks and improves the website's search engine ranking. You can recognize a site with SSL by its use of https://, instead of the standard http://. Plus you should see a small lock icon next to the url in the browser's address window.

The SSL use on enhances our website security and promotes confidence with our visitors when they decide to purchase a work from this site.

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