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Why have the subscription fees increased?
Posted by Administrator on 25 August 2016 04:38 pm

To be honest, ESAR was never about making money. The subscription rates never changed and were ridiculously low in comparison with other registry sites. I know that many times, Steve paid for registry things out of his own pocket. Zeek did as well, which may have contributed to his being unable to continue as director. Recently, the registry made just enough from the website to keep it on and functioning. 

The current rates on AoA are still lower than many artist registry sites. One site I looked at offered artists 6 images to post and an email link.  They charge over $200 per year for what we give for free. Plus there are very few registry sites out there that enable their artists to sell directly from the site as we do. Of those who do allow the artist to sell from their site, some will charge the artist a transaction or some such fee. We never have and never will charge you a fee when you sell an item from our site.

My hope is to build the resources to a point where we can do the things that ESAR used to do, such as sponsor art shows and events. However, this cannot be done without the financial resources to do so.

I understand that it is jump in price for some, but considering the alternative,i.e., allowing ESAR to die, it is something that needs to be done. 


I appreciate every artist on our site and hope that you will continue with us into the years ahead. 



Larry, site admin